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David Huband Bio

David Huband was a member of The Second City Mainstage Company, from 1983-1985, appearing in two revues. He later became a member of the comedy troupe, Illustrated Menin 1985 and performed with them for 21 years. During his time with the troupe he appeared as Estragon in Illustrated Men’sacclaimed production of Waiting For Godot. He has performed at regional theatres across Canada, such as The Manitoba Theatre Centre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Theatre New Brunswick, The Arbor Theatre, and The Stratford Festival, where he played Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mr. Huband can currently be seen on The Rick Mercer Reportwhere he has a semi-regular role, and on Murdoch Mysteries, in another semi-recurring role as “The Mayor of Toronto”. Some of his television credits include The Strain, Republic of Doyle, Insecurity,Little Mosque on the Prairie, Traders, and Flashpoint, as well as the television movies The Wild Girl,Dirty Pictures,Ultimate Deception, Holiday Affair, Lessons In Love, and The Jesse Ventura Story. Mr. Huband had a principal role in the acclaimed BBC mini-series, The State Within.Mr. Huband was a series regular on The Red Green Show, and on CBC’s The Newsroom, and has also appeared in Ken Finkleman’s Foolish Heart, and in Mr. Finkleman’s Foreign Objects, as well as a lead role inthe television movie, Escape From the Newsroom. He has also appeared in a number of feature films including, Police Academy 3, Tommy Boy,The Lookout, Breach,The Ladies Man, Wrong Turn, Cube Zero, The Diamond Fleece, That Same Old Feeling, directed by Carl Reiner, Cinderella Man, starring Russell Crowe, and the thriller Dream House,with Daniel Craig. Mr. Huband can be seen in the web series, Getting Down, on funnyordie.com,which he also wrote.

Silly Stage Bio

Stage Credits:

David Huband last appeared on a Toronto stage in Dirty Nose Theatre's production of Lorne Meyer's, "The Leg and the Crown", where he won a Dora Award for his portrayal of Mr. Wiggly. He has performed at theatres all over Canada, including The Big Sheep Theatre in Winnipeg, The Rain Slug Theatre in Victoria, Studio Theatre Kamloops, and Waterworld Theatre in Halifax.  Productions include leading roles in: "The Wasp Boy",  "Anthony and The Misanthrope's Daughter", "Who's That in My Bum?, and "The Wooden Nipple", directed by Berliner Ensemble alumni, Bruno Lutz.  Mr. Huband won a Vancouver Theatre Redwood Award for his performance of Brad the Beagle-Walker, in Norman Reese's family drama, "The Roast Beef Dinner Conversation" at the Sloppy Shirt Theatre. Most recently, he played Idi Amin in “Idi Amin and Charlie Brown go Clubbing” at Theater Lethbridge, and Dead JFK in “The Warren Commission: The Musical” at the Banff Kids and Clowns Festival. Mr. Huband also created the role of "Bobby", in "Me and Bobby Blackeye: Rhianna Strikes Back: The Musical" in a workshop somewhere in Oregon.

Silly Film and Television Bio

​Film and Television Credits: David Huband was a regular performer for five years on the hit CBC television series, “Follow that Pidgeon”. Guest star appearances include: CTV’s “The Loud-Mouthed Listener”, “The Greasy Slick Show”, “CNIB: CSI-Criminal Negligence”; on Global TV in “Teen Dog Walkers”, “How Did My Mother Get To Be So Old?, and “Pop My Woody”. He won a “Short Attention Span Award” for his portrayal of Mike the Hobo in the hit comedy series, “You’ll Never Work in This Town Again”.Mr. Huband has appeared in over 10,000 feature films including, “The Hang-Nail”, “Dirty Diapers”, “Give Me Back My Car”, starring Russell Crowe, “Twelve Angry Inches”, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his searing portrayal of Bruce, a one-legged hypochondriac, and “Kiss Me Down There”, starring Meg Tilly. Mr Huband’s most recent films are “Crabs- A Love Story”, directed by Martin Scorcese’s brother, Keith; “All The President’s Zombies”, “Genital Warts: The Reckoning”, and the zany comedy, “Whose Bra Is That? starring Meryl Streep.